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The Life of a CEO Do you ever wonder what it is like to be the CEO of a major company? The day to day lives of the rich and powerful is something that a lot of people are interested in. The interest is due to more than one factor. Not only are CEOs often quite wealthy, but they also do a lot of business work. But CEOs are often interesting because of the way they rose to power. Therefore, the everyday tasks they accomplish are of interest to small business owners and others who wish to also become CEOs. If you have dreams of becoming a CEO one day, keep reading to learn more about how you can make that happen. As you might expect, the people who lead major companies have to learn to be very structured with their time. Since their time is so valuable, it does not make sense for it to be wasted with unnecessary minutia. For this reason, there are other people in the company which are dedicated to handling these errands for the CEO. You may have guessed already that these people are often called executive or perhaps, administrative, assistants. Normally, the CEO primarily deals with one assistant, who in turn delegates tasks to lower ranking employees. So, if a CEO can have so many assistants, then what does she or he actually do? It is true that the CEOs get to skip a lot of the most boring meetings due to their status, but unfortunately, they still have several meetings each day in which their presence is essential. A number of these meetings are internal, such as with department leaders, but a lot of them are also for the purpose of gaining new clients or keeping old ones. Access to the CEO is of utmost importance to the wealthy clients of many companies.
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CEOs also spent their time in other ways, though less traditional types of meetings. Whenever two or more people are communicating, it can be thought of as a meeting. Thus, when CEOs deal with the massive influx of calls and emails they receive each day, they are also technically “meeting” with others.
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Even though the business of being CEO is pretty lucrative, it is also time-intensive as well. First thing in the morning, last moment at night, and every minute in between is filled with emails and phone calls. CEOs do not even get to take time off on vacation. When you are CEO, anything that happens within your company is your fault.That means that there is not really any way to have a break from your work. Though it is stressful, the personalities of most CEOs are well suited to this type of work. In fact, it is what attracted many of them to the job in the first place. They are not only attracted to the paycheck but the lifestyle of being a CEO, as well.