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Tips on Sheltering During a Nuclear Explosion A fallout shelter is a building that is designed to protect people from radioactive elements after a nuclear explosion. The nuclear fallout shelters are made in response to military wars. Nuclear explosion cause breaking of the atom and hence trigger radioactive decay processes. Radioactivity releases gamma, alpha and beta particles. Gamma rays are most hazardous with alpha parties being least risky. It is necessary that the fallout shelter has a good thickness of material that can lower the penetration of nuclear particles by half for 10 times. This will help one be protected from the health effects of these particles. The thickness of the nuclear bomb shelter should be adequate to reduce the penetration of the radiation to levels that are safe. Such walls should be made using 1 cm of lead, 6 cm of concrete, 9cm of packed earth or 150 meters of air. The shield should be made using the material lining for at least ten times. Trenches are fallout shelters that are made in an expedient and fast manner. The gamma and beta radiation are the prime considerations that call for a unique design of the fallout shelter. The beta particles will burn one’s skin when they come close or in contact with the skin. They can also prove a threat when inhaled or swallowed where they can cause internal burns. Beta particles can attach to the clothes. As such, one ought to be cautious to avoid carrying them into the fallout shield. It s easy to take care of this by removing the outerwear before entering the room. One cam also follow the disinfection procedure before entry on the safe haven. The fallouts of beta particles will cease to be radioactive within few weeks after the fallout has happened.
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The gamma radiation proves to be the worst form of gamma radiation. Their risk of penetration is more through the shelter than through clothes. Since gamma particles can continue their radioactivity for moths, the people should be cautious. This makes it necessary that individuals minimize their going outs. Various steps should be undertaken to reduce the gamma particle penetration on the shelter. Cleaning of the roofs and gutters can aid significantly in lowering the content of the gamma particles on the house. IT is advisable the top soil around the house be dug and mixed with the subsoil. The concentration of gamma particles on the top soil is thus minimized. This means that the distance which will be traveled by the gamma particles before they affect anything above is increased.
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One of the effective strategies is to wash and rinse roads near the fallout areas to remove the collections and debris. It is also advisable that the shelter be made a distance away from trees to minimize fallout of particles attached to the trees to the shelter.