Creating the Perfect Conference Badge

Conferences give corporations, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and advertise more than nearly any other event. Using these gatherings of like-minded professionals to their greatest extent will boost sales and increase successful talent acquisition in the future. Standing out and and being remembered should always be the goal and it is sometimes the simplest things that make that possible.

The basic, common lanyard is easily the most affordable and effective Conference promotion trick available to modern business professionals. With the appropriate name badge people advertise themselves and their company to hundreds of others, maybe more, without having to say anything. Name badges do not need to be expensive or elaborate. The most effective badges are the ones that get all of the details right.

  • Choose a large badge no smaller than four inches in width. This allows enough room for a larger font and is more likely to stay in place rather than flip over.
  • Use a font that is easy to read from a distance.
  • Include the name of the individual and their conference role, the name of the company or organization and their logo. Each should have its own line for emphasis.
  • Include a web address and any social media IDs if they are vital to the operation of the company.

Badges can attach in any number of ways. Some clip to clothing, some have pin backs and others are adhesive labels. By far the best option is the lanyard. The badge is protected and the lanyard is easy to put on and take off. Clip-on and pinned badges weigh down fabric and force some people to attach them to waistbands where they become hidden. Adhesive paper badges look unprofessional.

Every business manager should devote some time once a year to draft a layout for their conference badges and reuse that plan with each convention. Altering the badge design each year will keep it modern and fresh. Purchasing good quality lanyards will ensure they are durable enough to reuse numerous times. This inexpensive and simple Conference promotion piece will easily pay for itself with its advertising and its convenience.