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What to Buy for Somebody You Don’t Really Know

Buying gifts isn’t always an easy task, even when you know the recipient intimately. The task becomes even more daunting when you are buying a gift for somebody who you recently met or a distant relative. If this sounds like a situation you’re in, here are some tips which can help.

Scented Candles

Despite the bad reputation they get in the movies, scented candles are a great gift to give somebody you don’t know well. Instead of personalized fragrances, stick with basics like vanilla or a sweet fruit flavor.

VIP Movie Tickets

Do you know what everybody loves to do? Go to the movies! Do you know what nobody loves to do? Pay to go to the movies. Head to your local cinema and pick up a book of tickets to use as a gift.

Baby Products

Every parent is appreciative of any baby products they receive. Look through the Groupon Coupons page for Lakeside Collection for some cheap and useful baby products such as onesies and bibs.

iTunes or Google Play Gift Card

Everybody has a cell phone. But not everybody likes to pay for games, apps, or music. A gift card to one of these online stores is a great way for a tech enthusiast to purchase the new apps or downloadable content they want.

Tasty Treats

Head to your local $2 store, pick up a small cane or plastic basket and fill it with small delicious treats such as candy, chocolate, biscuits, cookies, and a bottle of time. Not only will the recipient enjoy it, they are also likely to open it all up and share it around!


Does your recipient own a car? A car wash is a perfect gift. How about a front lawn? A lawn mowing service works well. Find out a little about the recipient, in particular any tasks they don’t enjoy completing, and see if you can hire a service to do it for them.

When it comes to to buying gifts, don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow. Along with these ideas, give it some real thought and let your instincts guide you as you shop for the perfect gift.

The Benefits of Spiritual Discipline in Young Boys

Finding the right way to keep young people, especially boys, on the correct path in life can be challenging for parents. Many options are out there, but which one is best for a particular young man? Woodcreek Academy looks at three popular choices:

Many parents are opting for boot camp for teenagers to teach their sons discipline. These can often be harsh environments, but do a great job instilling an appreciation for self-discipline, respect for authority, and developing physical strength and willpower. The boot camp environment is especially effective for reigning in boys who are head-strong and confrontational.

Another option is Christian wilderness therapy, which provides spiritual guidance to young men from the christian perspective in an environment that will also test them physically and teach them self-reliance. This type of program is especially good for boys who are seeming to stray from their family’s prefered spiritual path or who are developing skepticism at an early age.

For a long-term solution, a boarding school for boys offers education in a carefully controlled environment that can be maintained during the academic year or even year round for some institutions. In addition to providing superior educational opportunities, boarding school is an excellent option for young boys who are having trouble developing strong peer relationships or who spend too much time alone.

All three options are excellent early interventions to keep young men from falling in with the wrong crowd. These can also help them to develop positive peer relationship, learn about self-discipline and respect, and grow spiritually as well as physically.